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Flower Moon Initiative

Flower Moon Initiative


We are excited to work with Flower Moon Initiative on this special combination of our popular unscented Solid Cocoa Lotion Bar and Blissfully Naked Lip Balm.


If you found us via Flower Moon Initiative's website, then welcome to Birch Tree Apothecary & Wellness!

Please check out the rest of our website as well to see the services and products we offer.


If you are located in the USA, you won't be able to order and pay directly through this website (it's a set up thing), but we can easily support you in the process and calculating shipping and total cost.  Please reach out to me at 


Also, if you found this product via this website, don't forget to check out Flower Moon Initiative – Spiritual Expansion through Illumination (


Thank you


Only 4 left in stock

Massage our unscented lotion bar between your hands.

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