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Specularite - Hematite Ore

Specularite - Hematite Ore


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From Marquette County, Michigan

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Specularite, is a variety of Hematite with a shiny exterior surface with black undertones. The shimmering effect is caused by aggregate pockets of incredibly shiny flakes of Hematite as well as minor traces of Mica. 

Specular Hematite carries all of the effects of Hematite while also offering the ability to ground higher vibrations into the physical plane. This is due in part to the root and crown chakras becoming open and connecting themselves. Both of these chakras are on opposite points of the body, making it extremely difficult to solidify a link between the two. In doing so, we can bring our thoughts and desires down to Mother Earth so that she may help them come to fruition. She is of great assistance and can push us in specific directions, ultimately helping our path towards individuality.

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