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Black Tourmaline Small

Black Tourmaline Small

SKU: 8491

Our items are natural, the piece you receive may vary slightly in shape, colour, and size from our product pictures.

After a traumatic or exhausting episode in your life, you are most likely to develop negative thoughts and emotions - which is pretty understandable and expected. However, it is not a good thing. To cut you some slack and burden, you can use the power of the Black Tourmaline. With its power to get rid of negative energies and unwanted emotions, you can stay calm and composed during these unfortunate times.

On the other hand, Black Tourmaline is also a great gemstone to keep you grounded to the earth. A good sense of being rooted maintains your root chakra pure and balanced, allowing you to feel connected to others, be confident, and make better decisions. Chances are, if you are in good emotional conditions, you also attract luck and brighter things ahead of you.

As necessary, the stone is also proven to help you remove your unhelpful obsessive habits. Its powerful frequency can eliminate negative energies that cause you to make unhelpful habits. Then, it will transform them into pure and useful ones which can help you stay composed and at your best.

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